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HPMG attended the Coil Winding Exhibition CWIEME

Issuing time:2013-06-28 15:39

HPMG attended the Coil Winding Exhibition CWIEME from 4th June to 6th   June ,which is the biggest and most effective exhibition for coiling, magnets, insulation material and electric motor manufacture. The exhibition ,which is in its 17th year, has attracted 750 companies from over 100 countries. Under VP, Joanne Jia, eight members of HPMG staff joined the exhibition and 3 colleagues from overseas offices were included.

Prior to exhibition ,HPMG hasn't spared any effort and fully prepared for it.On the exhibition area of 20 square meters ,the booth was designed and renovated elaborately to create a fresh and unique atmosphere , and two round table were placed in the middle of booth for conversations with customers. The products of AlNiCo, NdFeB,SmCo and Assemblies , placed respectively on counter with four storeys,which are complex-shaped and difficult-processed to indicate the high level of production and technology and also the processing capacity. The novel product picture and publicity photos showing history makes customers see our booth with half an eye and have a first understanding of HPMG. We prepared everything to impress our visitors and increase opportunities to cooperate with them in the future.

During the three days fo exhibition , HPMG have received nearly 100 people.We not only met with our major customers with collaborative projects , but also we attracted the eyes of potential customers , provided promotional literature and exchanged business cards. We would like to take this opportunity of attending exhibition to develop more new customers and improve performance greatly.

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