HPMG is attending the CWIEME Bangalore in Nov. Stand # 140

Issuing time:2013-11-08 15:39

As one of the leading and most notable magnet producers in China, HPMG's business is quite mature in Europe, N.A., S.A. Korea and Japan, etc. And now we have a new focus on currently emerging markets, mostly in less-developed countries.

From Nov. 14th ~ Nov. 16th, HPMG'll be at the CWIEME Bangalore in India. It's a country so near from China, but market that has been out of sight for too long, by so many "big" companies in China. India will act as an engine for Asian market and Indian will be the valuable friends to Chinese manufacturers.

Should you have any need for magnet, any questions regarding magnets, any inquiry about the current market, anything concerning what we know, just come and see us at STAND # 140.

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